Welcome new FCAT staff!

We would like to welcome several new staff members to the FCAT family! Karla Zambrano, from the nearby community of Herrera, joined us to help manage research projects and field station operations. Evaristo Cedeño is working with Alison Ke at UC Davis, researching whether nesting sites are limiting the populations of cavity-nesting birds in tropical agricultural landscapes. Luis Zambrano from nearby Zancudo is conducting field research with bats in collaboration with Tulane professor Hannah Frank, as well as assisting in restoration efforts. Juilo Loor, hailing from La Y de la Laguna, first began working with FCAT in 2015 conducting research on nocturnal birds and is now conducting field work on herps and hydrology, collaborating with scientists at USFQ. Finally, Luke Browne, who has been an active member of FCAT since 2012, has officially joined the FCAT staff as the new Director of Conservation.