Reserve & Station

In December 2018, the FCAT Reserve in Esmeraldas Province, northwest Ecuador was established. The reserve covers approximately 1,500 acres, a bit less than twice the size of New York’s Central Park.

This critically positioned tract of rainforest protects a large contiguous piece of intact Chocó habitat – one of the most biodiverse and threatened habitat types on the planet. Our forests protect several highly endangered species of primates, birds, frogs, lizards and plants that rely on these last remnants of Chocó forest.

FCAT’s multiuse field station accommodates groups of up to 50 people for education, training and research. Staff provide healthy and nutritious meals from a fully functional kitchen. Spacious and attractive spaces are available for meals and relaxing, along visitors enjoy constant electricity, flush toilets and hot showers. An observation deck looks out over a magnificent expanse of forest from which birds, monkeys and other wildlife are easily observed.

The FCAT reserve and station are a hub for education, research and conservation activities. The station was designed with school groups and researchers in mind. It has a dedicated classroom, with projector and screen for lectures and countless ‘hands-on’ experiential learning opportunities lie just outside the door. For researchers, we accommodate special needs such as irregular schedules and provide guides and assistance as needed. The station is also in close proximity to a full spectrum of land cover types and several communities, enabling work across a range of disciplines. In all cases, we have experience helping with in-country travel, permits and other logistics.

To set up a visit to our station, contact us!