Get Involved

FCAT is making real world change, today. And we welcome your involvement. Below are some of the ways people get involved.

Field Courses

We specialize in international field courses for high school and university groups. Courses can range in length from a couple of days to several weeks, with class sizes from 8 – 36 students. We work with course leaders to design tailored course experiences and can assist with travel logistics, lesson plans, field projects, community visits and whatever else is required to make your course a success.


Research is a core part of FCAT鈥檚 mission, and our reserve and station are set up to promote and support work by independent researchers. We actively collaborate with and support the research of dozens of researchers from institutions all around the world. We welcome the opportunity to work across a broad range of disciplines, from ecology and environmental science to the social sciences and arts.


Students of all stripes come to FCAT to learn. At FCAT, students are immersed in our community-engaged research and conservation activities, whether it is as part of a class, assisting our ongoing research, or conducting your own independent honors, Master鈥檚 or Ph.D. thesis projects.


We are thrilled to collaborate with artists to explore the synergies between art, science and society.

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