FCAT awarded grant from US Fish and Wildlife Service for Neotropical Migratory bird conservation

The project, titled ‘Community-based conservation of Neotropical migratory birds in the Ecuadorian Chocó’, will directly contribute to the conservation of Neotropical migratory birds in and around the FCAT reserve through the purchase and protection of ~122 ha of priority habitat, reforestation of 40 ha, and a suit of integrated educational and capacity building conservation initiatives for local residents. Funded through the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (NMBCA), this project builds years of work within FCAT to identify priority areas of conservation in the Ecuadorian Chocó for migratory birds, which include: Bay-breasted Warbler; Canada Warbler; Olive-sided Flycatcher; Spotted Sandpiper; Least Sandpiper; Semipalmated Sandpiper; Lesser Yellowlegs; Swainson’s Thrush; Western Wood- Pewee; Acadian Flycatcher; Blackburnian Warbler; Chestnut-sided Warbler; Blackpoll Warbler; Black-and-white Warbler; American Redstart; Scarlet Tanager; Summer Tanager.

Thank you to the US Fish and Wildlife service for their continued support for FCAT!

Scarlet Tanager picture by Kelly Colgan Azar